Our Hawaiian Aroma Ginger


Ili Ginger Coffee Scrub is a treasure chest of skin-loving goodness. Our Hawaiian skincare ginger coffee scrub has over 40 antioxidant compounds which not only tones and brightens your skin, it also removes toxins and stimulates circulation throughout your body.

The scent of fragrant ginger is intoxicating, motivating and can give you the power to start your day or invigorate your night out.

Our organic Fresh Ginger essential oil and certified ginger powder is made from newly-harvested ginger roots rather than from dried roots, giving it a beautiful, fresh, mouthwatering scented aroma.

Ginger coffee scrub is a powerful antiseptic, helping to clean and rid skin of blemishes by clearing acne-causing bacteria, leaving your skin with a scent of fragrant refreshing ginger.

Ginger is known to reduce hypo-pigmented skin from scars and stretch marks and helps prevent damage from free radicals while improving beautiful skin elasticity.

 Ginger is a well-known pale yellow spice used extensively in food preparation, traditional and herbal medicine, as well as in aromatherapy and perfumery. 

Zingiber officinale is native to the tropical coastal regions of India. This easy to grow plant is cultivated in most tropical and subtropical regions: Jamaica, southwest India, Indochina, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Zanzibar, West Africa, south China, south Japan, and Central America, Indonesia, Thailand, Bali. northwest Australia, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba, and other areas of the West Indies.

It is considered one of the oldest and most important spices - known to and highly esteemed by the ancient Greeks and Romans, who obtained the spice from Arabian traders via the Red Sea.

Ginger is used as a soothing digestive aid, assisting with constipation, diarrhea and  nausea. It is employed as a circulatory stimulant to address cold hands and feet. It's spicy herbal application beneficial for muscle pain, joint pain, colds, flu, and can assist with sea and air sickness. 

 In 2007, a study was published by BioMedCentral.com where it was reported that ginger root (Zingiber officinale radix Roscoe) and its main poly-phenolic constituents (gingerols and zerumbone) have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

'Ili Hawaiian personal skincare coffee scrub uses both essential oil of Ginger and Ginger herbal powder, to add a fresh woody undertone to your skin's cleansing action to brighten and glisten your skin. 

Ginger's mobile, clear, transparent liquid-powder in 'ili ginger coffee scrub, feeds your skin warm, sharp, spicy medicinal goodies that only freshly cut ginger gives.

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