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Who is ‘Ili Hawaiian Coffee Scrub best for?

'Ili Hawaiian coffee scrub is perfect for anyone looking to reverse the appearance of troubled skin. 'Ili's gentle and effective Kona blend caters to all skin types, especially troubled skin.

Acne, psoriasis, cellulite, stretch marks, scars, eczema, oily, or dry skin will all benefit greatly. We recommend a patch test for those who have highly sensitive skin. For pregnant mamas, it’s always best to consult with your health care practitioner before introducing new products into your self-care ritual.

So what is ‘Ili Hawaiian Coffee Scrub?

‘Ili is a locally sourced Hawaiian coffee scrub filled to the brim with organic yumminess. Each ingredient is purposefully added to deliver you the best results. Coffee is rich in antioxidants; it improves circulation while the caffeine draws out excess moisture to help skin look smooth and feel firm.

Which parts of my body benefit from ‘Ili?

Use 'Ili coffee scrub all over - from your nose to your toes. A couple small pinches should do it, as our scrub formula was designed with the "less is more theory". ‘Ili scrub works best on damp skin; however turn the shower off while you scrub. Focus on areas that need your love the most and allow 'Ili to be on your skin for at least five minutes.

Remember, quiet  time, me time, alone time.

You may continue to scrub during this time to further encourage circulation. No worries about the coffee colour on your skin as it will rinse away - no stains.

Why should I use ‘Ili?

With over a trillion skin cells needing attention exfoliation is key. Not only will you shed cells that are tired and expired, but you’ll also help encourage cell rejuvenation. The anti-inflammatory properties in coffee treat redness in the skin, reduce the appearance of under-eye circles, leaving you with a beautiful even skin tone. Watch small varicose veins decrease; caffeine is a vaso-restrictor, so helps shrink pesky blood vessels.

Put your best skin forward we say!

When should I treat my skin to ‘Ili?

Consistency is key. Give yourself some additional me time twice a week. One package lasts about a month. Unused and unopened, 'Ili will remain fresh. However, once opened ‘Ili's shelf life is about six months.

 How soon will my order be delivered?

'Ili Scrub ships as soon as your order is received. We ship from Hawaii every day and we've never missed an order!


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