Cacao The Ultimate Aphrodisiac


Legend has it - that humans came into being with cacao as an essential ingredient!

Being a superfood, raw cacao is loaded with high concentration antioxidants that our skin craves and is a vital component in helping to repair damage to the skin. Our brand new Hawaiian skin care 'Ili coconut cacao scrub, pairs all the goodness of chocolate with delicious moisturisingng coconut for a tasty exfoliating experience.

Using cacao chocolate essential oil is a natural way to improve skin. Cacao works to keep body cells, collagen and elastin from damage by free radicals, helping with premature ageing. Being chock full of skin-friendly vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium, vitamin C and omega 6 fatty acids, these vitamins help to increase blood flow and promote cellular healing - two very important processes of the body that boost a youthful glow.

Pair this with protein rich coconut for an enhanced scrub experience....

'ILI's wise choice of organic coconut improves skin barrier functions and is rich in proteins. This is in addition to its excellent moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties, which make it a beneficial treatment for skin conditions such as blemished skin and harsher conditions like eczema. 

Cacao is therapeutically known to decrease depression, increase overall health, lessen stress and to improve sexual performance because cacao is known to contain aphrodisiac Tramadol qualities, resulting from the presence of flavonols - which is an active constituent in cacao.


All chocolate comes from cacao, which is an understory rich evergreen tree, native to Central American rainforests. Having small yellowish flowers, the colourful pinks to yellow fleshy pods grow directly off the branches - giving the tree an exotic unusual appearance.

Part of the Sterculiaceae family and known botanically as the obroma cacao - the word cacao has a long history translating as ‘Food of the Gods.’ Believed to have originated with the pre-Mayan Olmec people - Mayans, Toltec’s and Aztecs harvested cacao centuries ago. The dried partly fermented fatty dried seeds of this tropical tree were used to make cocoa and chocolate and used as cacao bean currency. 

Hey – is this what little girls are made of?

Myths and Folklore tells us that the Mayan deity - Heart of Sky created the world, the oceans, plants and animals. After all these tasks were completed - the final task was to create humanity! Heart of Sky used mud, wood and stone, each as an attempt to finish this final task BUT he failed!

With the use of insight and creativity, Heart of Sky designed a human being using natural substances!

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So did we humans mythically came into being, with cacao as an essential ingredient?

Whether or not you’ve ever tried using a skincare scrub before, ‘ili coconut cacao coffee scrub is an enlightening must. It tightens, tones and hydrates all at the same time and leaves you open to tasting delicious..... 



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