Are You A Scrub Fan?

Fad or Trend

While the word “trend” can tend to turn people off, the reality is that some things become trendy or quickly popular for a reason: they work!

In the case of private label skin care wonders like Hawaiian skin care’s ‘Ili coffee scrub, this couldn’t be truer. While some things come and go like waves in the ocean, others come and stay as they prove themselves to be worth the hype.

What was once an ingredient or product of the moment - becomes a trusted skin care ally that brands and customers seek out years after their market début!


Most people remember to exfoliate their faces before they think to do the same to their bodies but remember that all your skin benefits from regular exfoliation. Using a body scrub is a great way to take care of this, and has the added bonus of moisturising after the dead skin cells are sloughed off.

You can easily purchase our ‘Ili body scrub to use in the shower, at the beach or in the garden. As we age, the natural cellular turn over of our skin - slows WAY down and our complexion loses its dewy freshness.

By supporting the natural exfoliation process of your skin with a smart exfoliate, such as our Hawaiian skin care ‘Iliscrub, you are boosting collagen production, clarifying plugged pores, facilitating the creation of fresh new plump and juicy skin cells, and detoxifying congested complexions.

If there were only one skin care protocol that ALL complexion conscious people should adopt and maintain - it is hands down, regular skin exfoliation. From acne to ageing, all skin conditions are drastically improved with daily and weekly exfoliating.
We invite you to adapt to ‘Ili by browsing our latest products in Hawaiian skin care. We use the healing power of Mother Nature in combination with cutting-edge science - to bring you a truly innovative Hawaiian skin care coffee scrub that will help revitalise your skin and your well-being.
In addition to being good for you, these products are also good for the environment. Our skin care ‘ILI SCRUBS use sustainable and eco-friendly packaging materials. The products themselves use natural ingredients - each of which is vegan, kosher, biodegradable and organic.
These products feel so good - because they are GOOD for you!

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