Influencer Level Photos

Nail Influencer Level Photos with Your iPhone, by ILI's Pro Photographer Dan Campbell-Lloyd

Dan has experience shooting some of the world's wildly scenic and hard-to-find places, as well as capturing the most extreme sporting events and our very own iconic Ili brand shots. So yes, he's the perfect person to teach us how to shoot like an influencer using just an iPhone and share his expert tips and tricks on how to slay your shots on social.

To begin, clean your lens! No joke, it's such a rookie mistake.

Golden Hour is Power
Perfect lighting is always key. Seriously, dark and dank is rank. Instead, look for soft, natural light that will make your shots shine. And remember, golden hour is the hour after sunrise or before sunset (google that time in your area) when the lighting is soft and warm. It's the best for a flattering glow.

Master the Threesome

The rule of thirds is a fundamental composition hack that can greatly enhance your photos. Dividing your frame into a 3x3 grid and placing your subject along the gridlines or at the intersections adds balance and interest to your images. To turn on the iPhone grid, go to your Settings / Camera / Grid and make sure it's green.

We all Need a Little Perspective.

Don't be afraid to get creative. Get down on your tummy for low angles to make your subject appear wild and powerful, or go with a bird's eye view for a unique and eye-catching shot. (Yep, climb a tree!)

Fits. Bursts. Bums.

Capturing the perfect moment can be challenging, especially when your subject is in a bikini on the run. Activate the burst mode on your iPhone to take a series of photos by holding down the shutter button. This will increase your odds of getting that perfect ~bum shot~ timed shot.

Tap. Shoot. Blur.

Tap anywhere on the camera screen to make a yellow box appear. This is your point of focus. Next to it, there is a sun icon that you can move up and down to adjust the brightness. Also, in portrait mode, select the "F" in a circle located at the top right corner. This feature allows you to adjust the background blur levels.

Fun Fact: use your volume button to take a picture.

6. Under edit. Over-deliver.

After capturing your photos, the iPhone has some easy edit options. Crop and filter functions can really help you out. Or use apps like Capcut. But don't overdo it – keep it natural and authentic (Like Ili)

Remember, it's all about practice and finding your vibe. Grab your iPhone, and get out there.

Happy shooting!

Dan Campbell, Ili Professional Photographer